What is Data Backup and Recovery?

What is Data Backup and Recovery?

A lot of people store pictures, documents or other important data on their computer in an effort to protect themselves. What they may not know is that if something were ever happen by accident then there would be no way for them get back what was lost due to the irreversible nature digital files possess which means you’re basically screwed! This could easily lead someone into panic mode but don’t fret because with proper precautions put into place before anything bad happens (like losing all your precious photos) it can make recovering much easier overall.

If your computer crashes or otherwise malfunctions then you can easily lose all the files it had on it. This is unacceptable because if you have anything of value backed up somewhere else it would be a real shame to find out that they are gone forever. That’s why data backup has become so popular amongst people who hold information dear to them because it gives them at least some sense of security knowing that whatever happens, their most important files are safe from harm.

How It’s Done?

Data Backup is done in many ways but usually they involve having an external server for storage which is always connected to the internet and stays on at all times. These servers are commonly referred to as ‘clouds’ or “online back-up” because they are essentially just “the cloud” where files can be uploaded, deleted or modified. The mobile agent app does the actual cloud storage since most mobile phones do not have enough memory space for huge amounts of data. Once installed on your phone it will run in the background and upload any new or changed file(s) to the server while deleting them from your phone thereby freeing up precious memory space you can use to store even more files.

How To Use It – Mobile Agent App:

As usual with apps on this website, simply go to Android Market, search for ‘mobile agent’ and install it onto your Android device. There is no need to sign up with Google+ or some other service which is usually the case with such apps. You can use it as long as you want and then just delete the app from your phone whenever you feel like it so no traces remain whatsoever. The actual uploading will automatically start after installation and there is nothing else to do other than download the client for your PC/Mac and enter a code which you can find on your Android device (see screenshots below).

Complete Setup Guide: After installation, run the mobile agent app and allow it permissions to access internet when it asks (it will only ask once) > click OK . It should now say “ready” in green text at the top. Also make sure that it says “uploading completed items” every time you open up or close down the agent app otherwise upload may not work. The agent app automatically uploads all photos and videos from your phone/tablet to the cloud as well as deletes them from your phone/tablet. The uploading process can take a few seconds or minutes depending on how much you have taken. If there are any problems, be sure that the mobile agent app is allowed to open at start-up by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab > click the lock in the bottom left corner and enter the password if prompted > select “always allow” for folder. You will then need to log out and log back into the desktop client after installation of any updates before it will complete setup.